How to choose a wedding photographer:

Honest guide that might save your wedding

Hello Brides and Grooms! 

This is probably the most exciting and stressful time of your life—planning a wedding! Have you yet typed "how do I choose a wedding photographer?" into Google? I know I did when I was in your shoes! Seeing the engaged couples ask this question time and time again gave me the idea to share a list of important notes that helped me when I was making this important decision. Besides the price point, which is the obvious one, these are the most essential points on how to choose your ideal photographer:

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First and foremost, their style. There is literally a photographer for anyone out there, so don’t compromise and don’t settle for anything less than LOVE. You gotta love their work and pictures; the images have to resonate and touch your heart. If you don’t feel anything by looking at their photos, move on. You’ll know when you have the right person!


Their communication, personality, approach to their work, and relationships they build with clients. You can learn what kind of person and communicator a photographer is from their website, any written and verbal interaction they have with you from the initial inquiry pitch. This is a super important one, as you’ll be stuck with your photographer for A WHILE. They will be a vital part of your planning, the person who will be by your side the entire wedding day, and most of all - they will be editing and delivering your wedding photos - the photos that will stay with you for the rest of your (and your children’s and grandchildren’s ) life. You don’t get a do-over and you better make sure the person you’re hiring for this most important job on your day is transparent, honest, reliable and able to communicate and reassure you whether it is about planning when and where to do portraits or editing and delivering the pictures when and how you need them. 

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Do they offer a pre-wedding shoot? Whether or not it is a free option, a pre-wedding shoot is not just a rehearsal of your wedding day portraits. It is a vital part of your wedding day, way before it happens. Just like you need to try on a wedding dress and make necessary adjustments, you need to have a go at a photoshoot and at the very least, an in person meeting with your photographer. I offer this meeting and a mini pre-wedding shoot for free with all my packages, even with the smallest 2-3 hour ones. Other photographers may think me crazy, but I know the HUGE difference in my connection, work on the wedding day and the final outcome of the photos. Human connection is everything, we are not born with a skill to be in front of the camera, and you need a photographer who understands that and will take time to let you get used to them and their camera.


Have you seen the photographer’s clients’ galleries? It is always a good idea to see the final product and get a clear understanding of what you are going to get as a result of your work with a photographer. Ask nicely and a good photographer won’t hesitate to share their real galleries (as long as the previous clients gave the permission to view those). I have a number of galleries available for the clients to take a look at, and some, which are password protected and completely private as per agreement with those clients.

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Do they have a contract? Please do not book anyone who doesn’t offer a proper contract to outline the responsibilities and expectations of both parties. I cannot stress the importance of a contract enough! What if they don’t show up on the day? What if something goes wrong or they go AWOL after the wedding? Always, always have a contract, and make sure you read through it. If something looks strange, don’t hesitate to ask your photographer about that and clarify what it means. I am happy to negotiate the terms and be somewhat flexible as long as we are both clear about the expectations and outcomes, and agree to fair terms. Some photographers offer the sample of their contract to the clients to read before, I do that as well if required, and always discuss the terms if asked. 


Reviews! Reviews matter, but bear in mind, because someone else likes this particular photographer and their style, it doesn’t mean you have to. Check reviews last. Make sure the point 1. and 2. in this list are met before you jump into reviews. How many of us have gone with something that wasn’t quite our heart’s desire but because we have heard rave reviews and went along anyway? And how many times that turned out to be “it”? Make sure you choose the photographer for their work and unique appeal to you first, and then of course support your decision by reading the reviews - not the other way around! 

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I hope this helps you choose the right person to be your wedding photographer and makes your wedding planning a bit less stressful. If you have any questions about wedding photography or would like to discuss my approach in more detail, pop a message below and I will book you in for a free consultation on wedding photography. You can also schedule the consultation using this link. I wish you the best for your most special day with all my heart!

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