What Mothers Say:

Indie, London

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"I just saw pictures and I am so emotional right now, I am literally crying. All I can say is WOW. These photos are genuinely incredible.
So warm, intelligently shot, with a beautiful use of light and shade. You have captured my joy and love for my children in the most intimate way. The photos are playful and deeply emotional at the same time. I adore them."

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Stories I tell: Pregnancy, Motherhood, Family & Special Milestones

What you get when you book me

I tell stories of mothers and their bonds with children. I tell the stories of motherhood, in the hope that one day those voices will turn into an overwhelming choir of love and kindness to make the world a better place. I know this is a big task, but I love my work, I live and breathe it. It is who I am - a mother, an artist, a photographer.

If you want to join others and tell your story of motherhood please contact me below. In 2023 I am offering a new format of artistic, intimate and emotion motherhood portraits.

Get in touch now to book your story. Make sure your children have a masterpiece to hold on to and hand down for the generations to come.

All My Sessions Include the following:

-Optional video call or in person meeting to discuss and plan the photoshoot

-Careful planning, suggestions for the outfits and walking you through the process

-1-2 hours of shooting

What you get after a session with me

-A memorable experience, positive emotions and charge for the rest of your week

-A work of art you can hang on the wall to become a family heirloom

-Digital Gallery of roughly 100-120 high resolution images to download. You get to keep ALL pictures I send you

-An artistic vision of your family, a vision of a VOGUE published international photographer

Contact me to create your bespoke photography experience:

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